Love and Logic

People often misconstrue the difference between thinking with emotions and following the heart. Letting emotion serve as the primary guiding force in decision making is, more often than not, reactionary and ego-based. Some event internal or external to you occurs; you feel something, and then you respond with an action to either enhance, maintain, or avoid what you feel. There is a stigma that thinking with your feelings is illogical. I tend to agree (I admit I was once the worst offender I could name). Following your heart is not reactionary, instead; it submits us to a kind of higher principle for guidance whose only criterion is always to found somewhere hidden within ourselves: love.

Following the heart does not mean that life will always be sunshine and roses. There are times when the direction our hearts take us are unpleasant, uncomfortable, and painful. Understand, we have the greatest aversion to the lessons we need to learn most, to facing the dark parts of our souls that demand to be recognized so the self can grow. Following a path of love always means growth but, at times, the process of growing is painful as we cast aside the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us and ascend into unfamiliar territory. In my own experience, there is no better catalyst for getting the ego to withdraw its pride and take a look at what needs fixing than genuine love. When you truly love someone or something, the object of your love becomes a mirror to the self and as you see the beauty in the thing that you love you, simultaneously, also see the less palatable parts of yourself.

It seems to me that to follow the heart and fearlessly go wherever it leads us is the highest form of logic because, though the road is difficult at times, it allows us to manifest one of the most positive and defining aspects of our humanity: a desire to improve who we are in relation to ourselves and each other. I believe that the human heart, untainted by trauma, is inherently kind, compassionate, patient, forgiving, and selfless. These are the seeds for good and, in following our hearts, we sow them, thereby doing our part to secure a future for our race. What could be more logical than that?


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