At some point in our lives, perhaps several, we all experience a metaphorical snake bite. Maybe we made a few bad decisions, wandered down the wrong path, or were just victims to misfortune. One day, we are just walking along and the next thing we know venom is being pumped deep into our veins.

It’s not being bitten that is the difficult part, is it? It happens and is over in an instant. It’s extracting the harmful venom that is the true challenge. Drawing it back to the surface for removal means re-experiencing the original wound. It is an incredibly painful process and often take a great deal of time and effort to complete. If only the venom could be sucked out as quickly as it got in!

Many people are totally unaware that they have been bitten or by what and just know they are unhappy, not knowing why. Some people know but are too frightened of the pain that healing the wound poses. Sadly, once the venom is there…it is there…and it slowly but surely does it’s work in degrading our mental, physical, and emotional well being until all our vitality is gone and our life is spent far too soon.

The first step towards healing is to accept that we have been bitten in the first place. Next, we must identify what we were bitten by so that we can apply the appropriate anti-venom. Lastly, we must commit ourselves to carrying on the difficult and arduous work of pulling it back to the surface and extracting every last drop because WE ARE WORTH SAVING. We have a choice, we can take a back seat and watch our life force we wicked away or we can become our own hero and, in doing so, transform our wound of misfortune into a personal strength.

If you have been bitten and manage to pass through the ordeal by healing then you have accomplished something truly incredible. You have saved your own life. Then, as you walk on this earth, instead of plaguing you, your wound becomes a wealth of knowledge. You can use it to change the world around you in a positive way, be the kinder, stronger, more compassionate person you always wanted to be, and show other wounded travelers that it is possible to save themselves. Nothing is more gratifying.