My Heart


I want you to take my heart.

I give it freely

And without reservation.

Love it;

Honor it;

Explore it;

But do not lock it away.

Place it not behind fortified walls,

In iron boxes or vaults.

It is no secret to keep,

Not the kind of treasure

You need to stow away.

Take it with you, always.

Laugh with it,

Cry with it,

Dance together in the rain

And roll in the mud.

Go ahead, drop it!

Watch it bounce.

Cast it into the ocean!

It floats.

Toss it into the winds of any storm

And see it fly!

Allow it to render you

A child at play

Once more.

Once you have returned to this state

Give it away, in generosity;

And it will always return to you

Because my heart is your heart

And your heart is my heart.


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