Nuclear Love

I make war with my heart.

So, let me orphan your pride

With my cold-blooded kindness.

Behold, helplessly at my mercy,

As I lay waste to your ego,

Shelled to oblivion by soft kisses.

Forget not the scarlet stains

Of your vanity’s blood

On freshly fallen snow

Spilled by my hand’s reassurance.

I will bomb out  your rage

With a patient gaze

Until there is nothing left.

Arrogance will fall before

The firing squad of my silence.

Now, brace yourself

For the blaze I’ll make of your vengeance

Sparked with ruthless gratitude

And fanned with sincerity.

Tremble as your venom burns.

I will hijack your apathetic shrugs

And reduce your “I don’t give a damn’s”

To earnest “please stay’s”.

Surrender now;

Your bitterness will fold

To the siege of my devotion.

Abandon hope and resist not,

For I must bury your soul

In the fallout of my nuclear love.


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